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Cloth Bags £5.95
New style cloth bags.

p&p £1.50
CB cloth patch
Century Bombers Cloth Patch £5.95
p&p £1
Scarf £10.50
p&p £3.25
Beanie Hats £12.50
p&p £3.25
100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum Pennants £4.99
New in! Display pennants.

p&p £1
8th pin badge
8th AF Pin Badge £3.95
p&p £1
100 ARW Badge
100th ARW Badges (magnetic clasp) £4.99
p&p £1
Metal pin badge
Metal pin badge £3.25
p&p £1
New baseball hat
Baseball Hat - new style £12.50
New style with museum website address on back.

p&p £1.50
Baseball Hats (Square D) £9.50

p&p £1.50
A Privilege to Have Served - James W Johnson Jr £10.00
A limited number of copies of this book are now available in the shop.

Memoirs of a military career - from the USAAF at Thorpe Abbotts in 1945 through to the 1970's in the USAF.

£10.00 + £4 p&p
Picture size approx. 23cm x 17cm
Overall mount size 36cm x 28cm

p&p £5
Stories from the Bloody 100th
A film from the 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum.

Available end of October 2014

£10.99 per copy – Postage & Packing £1.50 per DVD
Pen £1.50
Pens - three different designs.

Please choose either 100th BG, B-17, or Tower when ordering.

p&p £1
Hand Towel £5.00
A new 'Square D' hand towel.

P&P £2.00

(For overseas price please contact us.)
Decal Sticker £1.50
A new 100th Bomb Group sticker. (Sticky backed

UK Price £1.50 P&P £0.50p

(please contact us for overseas price)
Sam and the 100th Bomb Group £5.95

Sam And The 100th Bomb Group' written by Sam Hurry and Malcolm Finnis was published in March 2009. It is a wartime tale and a piece of Norfolk social history, telling the story of two young boys who spent more time on a wartime U.S.A.A.F. operational bomber airfield than could be imagined. One lad's house was actually within the restricted confines of the airfield and Sam, now a trustee of the 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum, lived close nearby. Read how Sam, aged 9-11 when the Americans were at Thorpe Abbotts, was virtually adopted by the 351st Squadron ground crews. He assisted in such chores as carrying flares up to the Control Tower, laying the 'gooseneck' flarepath of an evening and burning the petrol and oil from the hardstands, during which he set fire to a tent.

UK Post and packaging - £1.00

US Book price - $17.00 inc. p&p
Memories of Thorpe Abbotts Airfield - Ken Everett £4.25

This new book is available from our shop and mail order. Comprising of 40 pages of text and rarely seen photographs, this book recounts the wartime childhood memories of museum trustee Ken Everett growing up on a farm within a stones throw of Thorpe Abbotts airfield.

Ken recounts many incidents and accidents at the base during wartime, as well as providing a taste of how farming life carried on beneath the constant throb of Wright Cyclone engines.

UK Post and packaging - £1.00

US book price $14.00 inc. p&p
John Bennett - Letters from England £8.00

Col. John Bennett was twice Commanding Officer of the 100th Bomb Group, during which time the group received a Presidential Citation. On the 1st August 1944, John was ordered to duty with the 3rd Air Division where he served on the staff, first under Major General Curtis E. LeMay, and then under Major General E. E. Partridge.

The 100th needed John Bennett. Before becoming commanding officer, the group had gone through a spectrum of leaders; one then was relieved of his command, two of them were on short-term assignment gaining war zone experience, one became ill, and the other was KIA on his first mission.

This book contains some of the letters written by John Bennett to his family, and is a valuable insight to the private thoughts of arguably the greatest leader of the 100th. John Bennett's time at Thorpe Abbotts is also the inspiration behind the award winning film 'Twelve O'clock High'.

UK Post and packaging - £1.00

US book price $17.00 inc. p&p
Century Bombers £22.50
The Story of the Bloody Hundredth by Richard Le Strange.
The full story of the 100th Bomb Group, their missions and life on the base. This is a 'must have' book for this wanting a written account of the day to day events at USAAF Station 139 during the war.

UK Post and packaging on request

US book price inc. p&p on request.
Memories and Stories of the 100th Bomb Group
Robert Tienken

A personal account of life as a leading member of the Ground Echelon for the 100th Bomb Group.

Accessibility A A A